Telemarketing Services is most powerful strategy of Marketing your Business.

How telemarketing services helps in growth of businesses?

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing services is the process of conveying message to the prospects directly by a live agent. It is an easy two way communications as the audience can ask their queries regarding the product or services and get the answer at instant.

The telemarketing company tailors your project for your market and target audience. The telemarketing agent approaches the prospects directly over the phone and synchronizes it with buyer’s journey. They help them to make buying decision and choose the right product.

Telemarketing Company provides many options to choose from but few best services provided by them are

• Telesales: – The skilled and experienced telesales executive sales the product or services directly on the telephones to the prospects. Talking to someone on the phone personally can break down barriers faster and convert leads into sales.

• Lead Generation Services:Lead generation services provided by Telemarketing Company increases your sales. They help in growth and development of your businesses by tactfully handling prospects and encouraging them to buy your product.

• Appointment Setting Services: – The telemarketing appointment setting services has a great story of success as it multiplies your chance of sale. If you have contact the buyer before meeting and engage them you can see the difference in the sale. It is beneficial for B2B lead generation as well as B2C lead generation. Especially the organizations outsource telemarketing companies for B2B appointment setting as human interaction increases the chances of obtaining the sale.

We are the Telemarketing company in India has helped businesses to achieve better sales through telemarketing services. We provide recorded calls to ensure that you may not forget important details about the prospects and have better insight on the lead. We can increase sales for your company through various telemarketing services.

Why Cold Calling Telemarketing is a Good Idea?

Cold Calling telemarketing is most effective way to make your presence in the market by calling to prospective customer. The skilled cold calling agents capture your customer for the first time directly on the telephone without any hassle or lengthy procedures.Cold calling telemarketing service

Reasons for cold calling telemarketing for your product:

  • Market you’re Product: -Cold calling enables to identify and create huge new business possibilities as it enables to contact large number of persons in very short span.
  • Two way communications: – It provides opportunity to have two way communications as the prospective can put their query directly to agents. Agents are skilled and trained to resolve all the doubts and tell them complete knowledge of your product or services in meaningful way to convert them into your customers.
  • Build relationships: -The cold calling telemarketing agents help in establishing the relationship between the consumers and the company. They deliver the message in an impressive way and convince them to purchase your product or services.
  • Branding of Products: – The telemarketing service provider agents call so many prospects in short span of time that  mass number of people listen your name it helps in branding of your company.
  • Outreach proactive customers: – The telemarketing cold calling services helps to reach far residing customers easily and make them your customer direct from the call center.

Outsourcing cold calling services helps you to take accurate steps. It helps you to get third party with right technology and skilled staff to promote your product and increase the sales capacity through outbound calling services.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) has experience and technology to increase your ROI through our outsourcing cold calling telemarketing services. We help in lowering your costs of operation and increasing productivity. We provide reliable services to our client 24X7 to meet the global timing.

Accelerate your Sales by Outsourcing Telemarketing Company for Lead Generation Services

Companies are always looking forward to expand their business in the market. Lead generation is the key which provide opportunity for growth and development of business. To qualify sales lead to accelerate their sales businesses outsource Telemarketing Company to have the experience of multi-channel strategies, intuitive marketing technology and skilled staff with the ability of lead generation.

Vrtelemarketers have the experience to fulfill your sales pipeline with warm and fresh leads which will accelerate your sales. We provide two types of lead generation services.

B2B Lead Generation Services and

B2C Lead Generation Services

B2B Lead Generation Services: – We provide commercial transaction between two businesses that can be manufacturer and retailer through our business to business lead generation services. Our experienced staff outreaches the prospects to generate qualified B2B leads and deliver the message in a professional way to convince them to increase your sales.

B2C Lead Generation Services: – We directly contact the consumers to generate qualified B2C leads. Our staff contacts the prospects with the aim to generate lead and brand your product by giving the knowledge of your product and its benefits to them in a meaningful way.

Vrtelemarketers are helping global companies to generate qualified sales leads, reach their targeted customers and boost conversion rates. Our team uses mastery of the prospecting process to connect the targeted customers and have conversation with them for highly qualified lead generation. We design best telemarketing solutions for our client after understanding their business requirements. You can choose Customer Acquisition, Lead Qualification or Customer Profiling to accelerate your sales.


Cloud-based call center are managed by cloud software which is a symbol of reliability of record, data and the quality of work done.

Cloud based call center has more advantages than a simple call center. Its modern technology can be accommodated with any user which has internet access. It makes the access easy and comfortable with the following advantages.

Flexibility of Customer Services from anywhere: – You can be anywhere in the world. Cloud call center provides
you access of your inbound or outbound calls record to access in real time.

• Improve the call center service operations: – It increases the efficiency of the agents by reducing calling time, making report time, managing the route. It values the time of agents and lowers the cost. It is user friendly software.

Provides multichannel support: – Cloud based contact center provides services to their clients on multiple channel including phone, fax, email, text, web chat, video, social media to provide smooth cross- channel experience. It helps in staying connected with the call center every time

• Real Time Statistics: – Cloud system provides access to real time stats. It provides greatest facility that you can barge the call when the call center representative is on the call. You can yourself test the quality of the call and representative.

VRtelemarketers is cloud based call center and record every call irrespective of nature of call with the intention to provide benefits of transparency to their clients. We provide inbound call center services, outbound call center services and auto dialer services through cloud based technology to all type of industries irrespective of their nature and country. We provide same services to global countries including India.
We are providing recently outbound call center services to global companies which are listed below:

Neo Trip

Neo trip is a travelling company in United Kingdom that promotes Indian rich culture and heritage for tourism. They design exclusive holiday packages for their customer to make their trip enjoyable and memorable. Our telemarketing agents help in generating leads for B2B by calling India hotels and restaurants through cloud telephony system to nearby tourist places to add them in NEO trip itinerary. They do the entire work from calling to preparing database. They also help them in new customer acquisition through cold calling. The expert agents help in generating leads and appointment setting for the sales team.

TOPCA an Account Professionals Website

VRtelemarketers is serving an accountant website through their data research and mining, chat support and telemarketing services. They create database using Google search and different social media sites similar to LinkedIn. The skilled agents give cold calling to the targeted prospects i.e. is accountant companies to join them and post their profile on the website. The professional team helps them in generating leads, new customer acquisition and finally closing sales by using the cloud telephony system. Our marketing team is also helping them in improving rank of the website through using various tools and techniques of SEO.

ZOI holidays

ZOI provides time sharing packages to their customer’s holidays to help them to take best memories of life with them during the trip. VRtelemarketers telemarketing agents call the prospects through cloud based system for appointment setting. They generate highly qualified leads for their sales team and provide the recording also to verify the record.

VRtelemarketers uses the best technology for their clients. We work on cloud based system not only to provide transparency but also to avoid any leakage of data. Our system is secure and robust with the features of protection of data of our clients. We provide entire recording of the calls done by us with the report on cloud platform. We are friendly cloud based call center for the companies around the world and always welcome suggestions for further improvement.

Raj Kanojia


VRtelemarketers goes on cloud telephone system for PAN India Telemarketing Services

VRtelemarketers are helping organizations to expand their business all over India through their PAN India telemarketing services.

VRtelemarketers is a well known telemarketing company in India.

VRtelemarketers are keen to observe that their clients get best services without any false promises. For this they use state-to art technology and software. There is only few cloud based telemarketing company in India from which VRtelemarketers is the one with the intention to provide transparency in their services.

VRtelemarketers are providing telemarketing services for PAN India to their clients to improve and expand the business.

NEO Trips

NEO Trips is United Kingdom based company and they agreed to work with VRtelemarketers to use their cloud telephone system where they can monitor the agents real and history, NEO Trips selected to VRtelemarketers after screening many agency in India as they need India call center who can help them to build their itinerary database by calling and adding India tourist places hotel, restaurants, spa, café for their India travel package as NEO Trips helps the travel company to design holiday’s packages to execute an outstanding & memorable touring experience.

VRtelemarketers agents first search and make the list of hotels restaurants, café, spa and then make cold call telemarketing to them to let know about features to get them signup with NEO Trips, yes where they pay a fee also to listed their name in NEOTrips database to get customers from outside India, specially from UK and Europe.

VRtelemarketers use cloud based system to provide total transparency to their clients. NEO Trip management can access real time data from the place and system convenient to them. They provide robust and secure system to them. They provide recorded conversation of calls and their agents manages to take feedback also to take the right step for further enhancement of business.

Accountant Website TOPCA

An accountant website for posting work related to accountancy and hiring accountant. An accountant can also post their profile and search related work for them to earn money.

VRtelemarketers team create database for CA companies from searching through LinkedIn, and other sites. The skilled agents cold call them to join account company website. The agents help in finding new customers and generating leads. The marketing team is also helping in improving rank of the website through SEO.

VRtelemarketes provide entire marketing services including telemarketing through cloud based system for the convenience of the clients to have the transparent and fair outlook of the work done.

ZOI holidays

ZOI provides time sharing packages to their customer to enhance their experience with their holidays with exotic and fun loving moments of their life. They tailor customized services at very reasonable rates for their customers.

VRtelemarketers agents work hard with dedication to provide telemarketing services for appointment setting. The telecallers help to provide high quality pre-qualified leads to them for their sales tem to convert lead into sales.

VRtelemarketers uses the technology which provides transparency of the work with robust features to protect the data simultaneously. They use cloud based technology for our clients. VRtelemarketers agent’s calls are recorded to check the quality and standard of work done. They always welcome their client’s suggestion for further improvement in case if they want to give any

VRtelemarketers, the telemarketing company had helped many organizations globally for PAN India services and still are helping the organizations in fulfilling the dream of their businesses. Cloud system is plus for VRtelemarketer as they are able to provide system report to their client instead manual stats.

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Outsourcing Lead Generation Services increases your Business Efficiency

Lead Generation is backbone of any business as it provides a potential customer marketing. Lead generation service provider targets the prospects engage and educate them whilst creating interest in them to generate leads.

Lead Generation Company’s skilled staff communicates with the prospects in an impressive way that allures the listener to know more about the product and ensures that potential client is left with a positive opinion. This technique helps in generating high quality leads.

Companies want to focus on their core business so they Outsource Lead Generation Services to the experts who provide them better results in less time and money.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing Lead generation services to a telemarketing company Vrtelemarketers?

  • Quality of work: The staff of Vrtelemarketers has command over English. They are specialized in converting targets into leads. Our employees work diligently and with due competence. They have the potential needed to generate leads and profits for your company.
  • Lead generation strategy: The strategies are very important as it determines how to promote your product to the potential customers. It helps in reducing the time and bringing the positive results. Our lead generating service provider team has the experience of more than a decade in planning strategy of the marketing campaign for lead generation of your product or services. They keep in mind the market trend and follow the daily changes to improvise it on all the steps for maximum output.
  • Technology provided for lead generation services: We are well equipped with the latest technology required for telemarketing services. We use best dialer like predictive dialer and avatar dialers to save the time of calling. We use cloud based technology to provide you exact record of work of our staff with the recording of each call. You will get the state-to-art technology for your lead generation services.

Vrtelemarketers provide wide range of telemarketing services including B2B lead generation services and B2C lead generation services to their clients. We believe in long term relationship with our clients.

Cold Calling Telemarketing

Cold calling telemarketing is a method to call to a person to deliver the message face-to-face without an appointment. It is very useful way to communicate openly and meaningfully with the prospects.

  • Cold calling enables to identify and create huge new business possibilities.
  • It establishes the relationship between the consumers and the company.
  • It also helps in building reputation and branding of the company.
  • It is useful for B2B as well as B2C.
  • It helps to outreach to proactive customers.
  • It provides opportunity to have two way communications.

Effective cold calling is done with the aim to qualify not to force or persuade. The agents should be polite with the mindset to stay in present moment. They should avoid any pushy behavior. Focus on how to make true connection to create genuine trust between the customers and the company by being open minded and willing to listen. There should be truthful and honest to conversation that can strengthen your relationships for the long term.

You can focus on your core business by outsourcing cold calling to vrtelemarketers. We have effective technology with the experience to convey your message in the meaningful way to help your prospects build trust on your product or services.

Vrtelemarketers provides training to their agents to deliver the script drafted for your product in an efficient way. Our content writer has immense experience in writing the script for your product that click the mind of audience and helps in pre-qualifying the leads for your company.

Vrtelemarketers has cloud based technology with wide range of dialer including predictive dialer and avatar dialer to fulfill the objective of their clients. We provide the recording and accurate analysis of your on going project.

We believe in providing customized services to our clients to fulfill their dreams.

How Telemarketing Company makes your Marketing Campaign Effective?

Outsourcing Telemarketing offshore is the most successful way to generate lead in less investment but like as wind in comparison to other mode of advertisement.

Telemarketing is an effective way to aware the people of your presence even if you are small.  The telemarketing company is the effective way to reach the potential customers in less amount of money. Telemarketing service provider has the experiences and resources that helps in identifying qualified leads and instantly identify relevant contacts.

The main advantages of outsourcing telemarketing companies are;

  • No Initial investment in Infrastructure: – The investment cost is very high when it is compared with the payment of the outsourcing telemarketing company. You have to invest in many processes besides hiring the staff are furniture, software, telephone, rental space, electricity and other miscellaneous. Mostly quality call centers have cloud based system which provides you transparency of the amount you have to pay.
  • Detailed Analysis: – You will get the right of accessing your data according to your convenience with the timely detailed report and analysis on it. The right telemarketing company will cooperate with you to plan your strategy and have flexible staff according to the requirement.
  • Better Results: – The telemarketing company has the experience of many years working with different industries. They have the staff and resources that can jointly improve the result you are searching to boost your ROI. They have the ability to obtain the feedback even of uninterested person.

Vrtelemarketers is a company that provides telemarketing services at very reasonable rate with the technology and tools you are looking for your company. You will have best services through experienced staff that works on cloud based and IVR system to provide you full transparency of your project.

Telemarketing Services helps in Marketing your Product

Telemarketing services is the most effective technique to communicate with the people in less time as compared to other marketing methods. It is flexible and dynamic way to reach the targeted audience to convey your message and convert them into your leads.

The importance of outsourcing telemarketing services is to market your new products or services in a successful manner to increase your ROI. Vrtelemarketers help in enhancing your business by generating leads and converting prospects into your customer by our services.

The telemarketing services vrtelemarketers offer to their clients.

  • We believe in working professionally. Our relations with our customers are always long lasting.
  • We use cutting edge technology and always believe in upgrading our technology with time. Our technology is supported by cloud based system and with back-up of internet and power to provide you services without any hurdle.
  • We use dialers like predictive dialer and avatar dialer to provide you best services in less time.
  • We are able to handle all size projects from small to medium and large.
  • Our telemarketing agents have good communication skills and deliver the message in the pleasant manner.
  • We offer wide range of services including appointment setting, lead generation, customer survey, database cleansing, cold calling, data profiling and much more.
  • Our content writer writes dynamic script in effective way to highlight main features of your product.
  • Our system is robust and secure and under the surveillance of cctv cameras to avoid any leakage of data.

Vrtelemarketers have record of completing the projects within the time limit with flying colors and have been serving our clients from last seven years continuously. We offer all services at reasonable prices.