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Cold calling telemarketing is a special place in marketing from many years because of its direct contact with the prospects.

Cold Calling Telemarketing

The advantage of cold calling services is it is closer to closing the sale.

B2C Cold calling telemarketing: – Most leads read your blog or article but cannot be converted into customer because their doubts are not clear instantly because they cannot communicate with you. Cold calling telemarketing is more effective because when there is two way communications the prospects can clear any doubt regarding the product or services this more likely to generate leads. Moreover the call center agents make sure that the prospects make decision right at the moment which helps prospects to convert into customers.

B2B Cold Calling Telemarketing:Telemarketing services provides the power of being ahead of your competitor. You cannot ignore telemarketing services because it can help you in B2B sales and closes the sales faster. Cold calling telemarketing is effective as businesses welcomes calls and accept contact request with new company. They keep themselves updated and want to explore the new product or a service before their competitor does.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) make sure that you get record of all the calls made. You can play back to ensure that you don’t forget any important details about the ongoing project. Our cold calling team will work with dedication and provide you better insight of leads. We have helped many national and international businesses to achieve better sales through our cold calling telemarketing services.

Growth of your business depends on Lead Generation Services

The main objective of company is growth for which company team work hard in the same direction. But company is successful in its goal only if it has enough number of leads. The companies can outsource Lead generation services to generate adequate amount of leads. Lead generation services

Lead Generation services helps in generating more sales leads, boost conversion rate and increase ROI by sending regular product information to prospects.

Lead generation services help in creating high quality leads using different techniques

  • Social Networking media: – Lead generation services helps in generating pre-qualified leads through distributing information about your company to a wide range of potential customers through posting messages in forums, blogs and social networking sites.
  • SMS: – By outsourcing lead generating service provider you can send bulk SMS’s to potential customers regarding your product or services.
  • Cold calling: – Telemarketing Company has the experience and technology of cold calling which helps in directly communicating with out reach customers to generate quality leads.
  • Newsletter: – You can take help of outsourcing Telemarketing Company to send specially designed newsletter to the right audience with right message to sign up.
  • Seminars: – You can have advantage of offline lead generation service by generating leads through seminars and surveys using geo-based or business domain.
  • E-mails:– lead generation service provider draft e-mails specially for your company and distribute to number of people to generate quality leads.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) know the advantages of leads for you so we use effective and proven methodology to generate quality leads for our clients. We have trained our staff to take feedback of each lead if leads are generated through seminars or cold calling. We use the state-to-art technology to provide you best lead generation services.  Your wish is to fulfill your dream.

How Do You Know What Types of Lead Generation Services Are Best for Your Business?

Lead generation services are a crucial part of every business as it provides constant supply of prospects. It builds network of positive relationship with customers and companies. The customers built on trust and gain competitive advantages and success rate is higher.

Lead Generation Services

Different Types of businesses require Different lead generation services

Outbound lead generation Services: – Both B2C and B2B companies use outbound lead generation services as an integral part of their sales and marketing strategies according to their requirement as outbound lead generation are fast and reaches directly to the prospects. It provides two way communication which more likely provides chance to convert prospects into customers.

Here are some of businesses that use outbound telemarketing services to expand their market and acquire new customers.

  • Travel companies
  • Tourism companies
  • Utility companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banking/finance companies
  • Online shopping companies
  • Health and beauty companies
  • Education and Coaching institutes
  • SaaS (software-as-service) companies
  • Delivery companies

Inbound telemarketing companies: – Inbound lead generation services includes SEO, social media, PPC. It is most effective way for small business owners. It helps in meeting those customers who are searching for the similar products which you are selling. It helps in bridging the gap between the prospects to searching for you and your company.

Some of the industries that really see a huge jump in their earnings when they use inbound marketing include:

  • Insurance-based businesses
  • Retail and e-Tail businesses
  • E-commerce based business
  • Professional service providers (i.e. doctors, lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.)
  • Health service providers

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) is a telemarketing company in India providing successful outbound lead generation services to their clients. Our sister concern Vintage IT India provides inbound lead generation services. You can have best guidance and know the appropriate lead generation for your business by contacting our manager.

How a Virtual Receptionist Services takes your business to next level?

Virtual receptionist services are always there when you are not available. It might be on office hours or after office hours, during weekends or public holidays. You can have the impression of bigger business through the VRtelemarketers (VRTM) virtual receptionist 24 hour services. Our virtual reception will answer all calls under your company name..

Virtual Receptionist Services

VRtelemarketers (VRTM) helps in streamlining your business process and taking it to next level.

  • Personal touch:Virtual receptionist services gives your customer personal touch which voice mail cannot. When calls go to voicemail it can give the wrong impression about your company. Most customers deny leaving message and your competitor gain profit.
  • Experienced services: – Virtual receptionist service is a step in the right direction as in the cut throat world of business these days requires handling the customers efficiently to gain the profit. Our experienced and skilled virtual receptionist will take care of your customer and maintain the record and send you text message for the same.
  • Focus on core business: – Virtual receptionist takes care of phone calls which are major distraction of employees at work. Outsourcing answering services helps you to concentrate on the core business.
  • Save on investment: – Small business owner does
  • not want full time receptionist or assistant then they can hire virtual office that can give impression of being bigger company without investing in the technology, space and other infrastructure.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) Virtual Receptionist Services can accommodate both calls from Indian Businesses and International Calls. All calls will be answered by highly experienced and skilled live receptionist. We guarantee no missed calls building professional image of your company. With us you will never miss customer, at a fraction of the price of hiring a full time receptionist.

Virtual Receptionist Services is important to solve Common Office Problems

Virtual receptionist services help provides you stress free services to manage your calls and daily office works. Your calls will always be answered and you can focus on other core business. You will get e-mail or text messages as you would like.

virtual receptionist services

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) is provides customized virtual receptionist solutions to their clients. We hire only talented and skilled staff for your requirement.

Discover the top benefits of a virtual receptionist.

  1. Hiring a virtual receptionist is cost-effective as it provides benefits phone answering services with other official works like emailing and maintaining data.
  2. You do not need to spend on desk, chair, computer, and office supplies. You ca save extra start up or over head cost.
  3. You can provide your company 24/7 coverage. So you do not need of automated Message system.
  4. You can have benefit of multilingual languages.
  5. You ca have multi-channel services like web chat services with phone answering services.
  6. You do not have to train them that will save your time ad energy.
  7. You can focus o your business without ay stress of managing calls

How a VRtelemarketers (VRTM) provide virtual receptionist solution to take care of your office work?

  • We design customized business answering service specifically for your company.
  • Your receptionist will handle overflow calls, after hour calls, peak periods call, and marketing campaigns.
  • We handle all your business phone needs, and manage that too.
  • We maintain CRMs for smooth functioning and workflows.
  • We help you to Increase revenue, improve customer service and reduce costs.
  • Your virtual receptionist can take detailed orders, answer queries, book and schedule appointments and handle reservations also.
  • Your receptionist will answer the calls using your scripts according to your needs.

Three key advantages of Outsourcing Telesales Company for your business.

Telesales Company can help in increasing your business RO with their augmented sales method. Telesales agents convert leads into sales for your company and gain for your company. Sale is the primary function of the company. The company tries many methods to increase their sales. They try door-to-door sales, telesales, avatar sales, online sale and many more method. Telesales provides cost-effective amazing solutions due to its bilateral communication system which provides personal touch.

telesale services

Three advantages of Outsourcing Telesales Company over another technique

Telesales provide advantages of geo-based sale: – You can sale your product in our targeted sector or specific geographic area. You can generate leads using geo-based tools to save your time and money before providing data to the telesales company to have more number of sales per call.

Advantages of telesales to Field Sales:Telesales Company has the technology and software with possible answers of the queries already exist in it. When prospect has some doubt or need answer for some query the field representative can take some time but the telesales agent has access of resources and response quickly without wasting any time. Telesales agent will close the deal faster without letting it to go in your competitor funnel.

Consistent Revenue Generation: – Once you start an outsource telesales for your product or services you will get continuous revenue. The telesales services helps in branding of your product and even reaching to the people who are outreach.

Telesales provide personal call after great research and sales agent target the problems and interest of the prospects to close the sale successfully. Telesales provide high engagement of prospect and help in converting leads into sales for your company.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) has been providing telemarketing services and telesales services from last 7 years to many national and international companies using advanced technology like predictive dialers and cloud based system.

What 3 things companies should do to increase their sale in the festival season?

The festive season is on the way. All companies are getting ready to attract maximum number of customers towards their products or services to gain maximum profit.

In order to get the maximum profit from the festival season companies approach Telemarketing Companies mainly for three telemarketing services i.e.

  1. Customer profiling
  2. Customer Survey
  3. Instant order services

How Customer profiling will help you in increasing your sales in this festival season.

The Customer profiling helps in saving lots of money on marketing by giving you vague idea of customer’s requirement and interest. It also gives you geo-based data of customers. It lets you know and understand the location, status, sex, income etc of your prospects to target them effectively. You can identify effective medium through which you can communicate with them, which can be phone, email or web chat. It helps in building profile with all the details you need for your marketing project including their interest and attitudes.

The best advantage of customer profiling is you are able to plan ahead and save your time and money on developing relationship. You will have higher return on your follow up marketing project.

 How Customer Survely helps you in saving your money and increasing your ROI?

Telemarketing Companies provide customer survey to ensure that you gain access to the information of your customer’s perception. The smart companies before manufacturing or buying huge number of products, analysis the market to have a vague idea about the quantity of the product they should manufacture or purchase for sale which saves them from falling in danger zone.  You are able to do everything you can to make things right by knowledge of customers interest, purchasing capacity, and their expectation from the product. You can know the demands of your product among different class, region, age group, and many more data which you can review and plan your strategy accordingly.

 Get ready in advance for Instant order services in this festival season to stop losing ground against your competitor

Festival season means increase in sales and scarcity of staff. The festival season is for enjoyment, celebrations and funs. People buy goods for themselves and their friends and relatives to gift them. For increase in sales you need extra staff which you can easily access by hiring call center order taking services. Outsourcing Call centers helps you focus on your core business and they take care of your customers on your behalf. They take their order maintain diary and dispatch it on time.

Conclusion: – You can streamline your marketing and sales process by outsourcing VR Telemarketers (VRTM), telemarketing services in India which provides you customized services to tailor your business needs. You can easily acquire the benefits of advanced technology like predictive dialer and cloud software to increase the efficiency of your marketing activity and get the desired result. You can hire sister concern VCare Customers for your inbound calling services. You can have access of multi-channel for customer support services. Your customers order will be maintained systematically in a CRM and processed on time. Moreover you can provide your customers the benefits of 24 hour services in this festival season. Your growth will be always priority for the outsourcing telemarketing company.

VRtelemarketers, LEAD GENERATION SERVICES IN INDIA help you to generate lead in this festival season

Lead Generation services is an effective marketing tool which helps in building relationship with the customers and gain ROI. In this festival season for generating more sales hire telemarketing lead generation services in India.

How We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM), LEAD GENERATION SERVICES IN INDIA help you to generate lead in this festival season?

Cold calling and social networking are effective ways to market your brands among customers in the festival season. We make high volume calls to generate leads and market through social media networking for your company.

Time Zone: – If you outsource us we can provide you services 24X7 for your different time zone requirements.

Great Content: – Our team creates simple and understandable content with keywords for social media network which works greatly. We also create effective scripts for calling with some interesting phrases for your company that sale rep can easily include in their conversation whenever required.

Quality Assurance: – We have high quality technology with high speed internet and back ups. We use predictive dialer that increases the conversation rate about two times and helps in more lead generation. As festival season is near you can reach maximum number of prospects in short period of time. We use cloud based system for real time experience. We use secure and robust software for our clients.

Competition and incentives: – In festival season every ones want to be happy and everyone want to communicate only with those who sound happy. We keep our representatives happy by organizing competition and providing incentives

Report: – We maintain reports of entire project including cold calling or social media networking done for lead generation. We also provide recording of each call which will help you to gain maximum profit in this festival season.

Our Lead Generation services and geo-based which will save your money and time on marketing your brand in place which you do not want. You can use combined process of customer profiling and lead generation services to speed up the marketing project and gain maximum profit.

Lead generation services in India can help your sales team in customer acquisition

Sales are lifeblood of any business and sales depends on customer base which are acquired by outsourcing quality lead generation services.lead generation service

Lead generation services in India generate qualified leads on your behalf which your sales team can use for customer acquisition and business growth. Lead generation agents build the pipeline which your sales team using targeted tools for cross-selling and up-selling of the products can acquire new customers or deals.

Benefits of outsourcing top lead generation services in India

  • Growing your customer base: – Lead generation Telemarketing Company has the experience in helping the companies to grow their existing customers. They strategically plan cross –selling and up-selling of your products with the existing customers.
  • Winning new customers: – Lead generation telemarketing takes care of smoothing way to prospective customers through using Omni-channels which includes cold calling and social networking services. They help in winning new customers by helping them in taking positive decision for you.
  • Build relationship: – Lead Generation team helps in building long term relationships with your company for the success of your business.

Lead generation team has the experience to work for

  • B2B lead generation services and
  • B2C lead generation services

By outsourcing Lead generation services your sales team can focus on customer acquisition and growth of ROI. They will have quality pre-qualified leads which they can easily convert into sales.

Telemarketing Company provides customized lead generation services and sales qualified leads to tailor your needs of customer acquisition and customer base. They provide additional sales –related services like feedback and details of the leads. VRtelemarketers, lead generation services in India believe in mutual success and long term relationship with their clients.

Why Lead Generation Services is Crucial for your Business?

Purpose of Lead Generation Services

Lead generation services supply your company with the new sales lead as business expansion is directly dependent on finding new clients. The main principle of lead generation services is to deliver actionable and result oriented data.Lead Generation ServicesLead generation is an art of making the people believe you and say yes for your product or services. The call center service providers have agents who have the communication skills and talents to build confidence and trust in an anonymous person for your company. They have talent of handling an effective prospect meeting or overcoming objections. When lead generation services are executed properly, they will increase your sales.

How lead generation services in India helpful?

Lead generation services in India provide you competitive, cost effective demand pipeline support. Controlled budgeting with higher conversion rate helps in saving some extra amount of money for core business. You have to pay only for the leads that are received and can select the prospects according to the demographics. VRtelemarketers help you in providing transparent billing through the cloud based system. You will get recording of each call.

How can lead generation benefit your business?

Lead generation services can help any business be it small or large or business to get fruitful result by acquiring new prospects. Call center plan out diverse b2b lead generation services tailor-made for your company. The lead generation services depend on the quality of leads generated. VRtelemarketers uses inbound and outbound lead generation promotional material syndication, appointment setting and corporate sales support.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) provides B2B lead generation services and B2C lead generation services to acquire new businesses and increase your sales.