Outsource B2B Telemarketing: Take your business to next level

Outsource B2B telemarketing for streamlining the sales process, data management and follow-up calls.

Another reason to Outsource B2B telemarketing services for multiple marketing channels which will help you meet right prospects at the right time.Outsource B2B Telemarketing

The qualities you will get through outsource B2B telemarketing services to We are the telemarketers (VRTM)

  • We work in professional manner to build long term relationship with your customers.
  • We do not compromise with the quality. For which we uses advanced technology and latest software so that we can keep you always ahead of your competitor.
  • Our staff is highly qualified with prior experience and work hard with dedication to improve your ROI. They leave a remarkable impression on prospects mind to make them your customer.
  • Our telemarketing agents have good communication skills which compromises politeness and patience to behave well with prospects to make your company a brand.
  • We offer a wide range of services to suit best to your requirement. You will get customized services with best strategic plan to move in right direction.
  • You can outsource B2B telemarketing without any tension of leakage of data as we use robust and secure security system with all necessary protection.
  • You can access on going project anytime and can hear any ongoing call to check the quality of work yourself. Moreover we provide recording of each call.
  • We provide multiple channels like E-mail, phone, social media etc for you B2B outsourced telemarketing services.
  • You can get 24×7 hour services for your different requirements and different time zone.

If you want better sales opportunity and faster customer acquisition VRTM is always there to help you.


Why outsource B2B telemarketing is highly in demand?

Outsourcing B2B telemarketing is a cost-effective and productive way which helps in focusing on other aspects of business effectively. It is most in demand outsourced telemarketing services used for lead generation and increasing sales for business.B2B telemarketing

Benefits of outsourcing B2B telemarketing services

  • Talk to Right Person: – B2B telemarketing is not an easy as it needs hard work with experience for finding those prospects that can be a privilege for your sales team. Outsourced B2B telemarketing team work in coordination to find the person who has really interest in your product so that your sales team can spend time on high level discussion with your future clients
  • Have the Right Technology: – Outsourcing B2B telemarketing services provide well equipped infrastructure and software which you need for your business. You will get the software to track the calls and leads which will help you getting right feedback to resonate well with your targeted prospects.
  • Less Lead Time: – Outsourced B2B lead generation team has experience to get ready and set all necessary requirements in the place in short period of time. You will have well planned sales strategy for your new sales campaign which will help in branding your product or services.
  • Makes budgeting easier: – One of the main benefits of outsourcing B2B telemarketing call center is that you will not need a separate budget for your telemarketing team. You do not have to invest for in-house team and the associated costs separately.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) provides lead specialist and sales specialist which will craft best practises for your business. We will provide each call recording and exact metrics to evaluate your campaign which is the reason we are the partner of some of the best company.

Why Choose The Lead Generation Services in India?

Natural approaches to B2B lead generation services

B2B lead generation services is the marketing of goods or services where agents on behalf your business makes a commercial transaction with another using online or offline technology.

Lead Generation Services

Why outsource lead generation services for Business to Business and how your business can benefit?

Outsourcing B2B lead generation services provide high quality leads to your company. If you outsource lead generation services in India you will save your valuable time and will get optimum output from your resources.

Access of Skilled Executives

Outsourcing B2B lead generation service offers you the support of a dedicated team with professional qualification. You will get well trained agents who possess in-depth knowledge and domain expertise which will help you in getting high quality leads for your business.

Focus on your main activities

By outsourcing B2B lead generation services you can focus on your core activities without any tension. You can invest your entire concentration on activities which will help you to provide better productivity and quality to your customers.

B2B lead generation is cost-effective

Outsourcing lead generation services can save half of your expenses that you would have to spend on rent, office furniture, computer system and IP phones, hiring and training of lead generation agents etc.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) is helping in B2B lead generations services

We hire staff through rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best resources are employed by us. Moreover we never compromise with quality and keep check on project through our stringent quality control policy. We use best technology required for your project like cloud based system to provide our clients freedom of access on any platform, best dialers including predictive dialer and avatar dialer  which helps in getting high return on your investment and high speed internet with back up fro uninterrupted services.

Lead Generation Services are helping small businesses to grow flourish

Lead generation services are pillars of small or big companies as no business can flourish if they do not have prospects. Turning a small business big is never easy it requires a strategy and awareness. The small businesses are always at risk and cannot spend much amount on marketing. So they usually outsource lead generation services to have expertise lead generation services at minimum cost.

Lead Generation Services

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) helps small companies in every field from marketing to searching their own market. Most business starts as small and stays there because of lack of knowledge and market. The people are more aware of new technologies, trends and keen to purchase best for themselves in least price.

Our lead generation team uses proven methodologies including online and offline to generate high quality leads.

Online lead generation services: – Our online lead generation services team comprises of SEO manager, content writer, live agents, digital marketing specialists to take care of your online lead generation through social media networking and e-mails.

Offline lead generation services: – Our offline lead generation team is skilled and well trained to brand your product in the market and generate best leads for your company through calling.

Why we are the telemarketers (VRTM) is considered as a best Lead generation call center services provider?

  • Your management team can focus on core process
  • Reliable and high quality customer experience
  • Reduces the operating
  • Eliminates your stress by getting experience and skilled staff
  • Faster ramp-up, launch and roll-out of new programs
  • Access of Cloud based system
  • Multilingual call center services
  • Multiple dialers like predictive dialer and avatar dialer for different needs of company.
  • 24X7 hour lead generation services

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Centers or Telemarketing Service to a domestic Call Center in India

The companies those plans to outsource call centers or telemarketing service always get benefits of focusing on core business as it saves time and energy.

Outsourcing the process to domestic call center in India provides additional benefits

  • Training related ease: – If a process is outsourced to a domestic call center in India you can bring product samples to the call center for the agents to observe and analyze the working of the product to have depth-in knowledge of product. You can also participate in the training program to have optimal result through your outsourced call center services
  • Knowledge of local market: – Outsourcing call centers or telemarketing services to domestic call center provide advantages of having thorough knowledge behaviour of local customers and their interest. They have understanding of specific industry.
  • Effective communication: – Smooth communication is base of any business. Outsourcing domestic call center or telemarketing services helps in resolving in case of any issues or disputes immediately and works together for the betterment of the project.
  • Understanding of the language of local customers by the agents: – A customer feels comfortable to talk to a representative that communicates in a language familiar to them. The agents that belong to the same region of the customers understand the culture and communicate effectively.

All these benefits prove how a company can exploit the full potential by outsourcing domestic call center in India. You can achieve your goals quickly and economically.

How We are the telemarketers (VRTM) is helping in outsourcing call center or Telemarketing services?

Our Telemarketing services help in converting leads, appointment setting and increasing sales.

  • Cost effective: We provide cost-effective solutions to promote your products and services directly to your prospects.
  • Outreach customers: – Our telemarketing services reach out your customers directly without any geographical constraints and build strong network and relationship with them.
  • Expertise: – We have the experience and knowledge in field of telemarketing services from almost a decade which is difficult for in-house team. With us get exposure to work with telemarketing industry professionals aka experts. We use latest technology and always upgrade ourselves timely to be part of our client’s success.
  • Personalized services: Our telemarketing services agent provides personalized services to the people directly who are looking for the same product or services in the market as similar to yours.
  • Technology: We use the powerful tools for improving your business through our experienced services and state-to-art technology which helps in getting return on your investment. VRTM use cloud software to call within India, USA, Canada and other countries. Very few Telemarketing company in India uses internet telephone system and record outbound calls for quality and verification.
  • Brand identity: we help in creating instant rapport and identity among your target audience.

We have worked as partnership with many national and international companies for their short term and long term projects.

  • We have served KimmunicatePlus, UK based telephone marketing specialist company and helped them for many telemarketing services
  • We have provided Lead generation services to The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) which provides professional education in multiple industries.
  • Our call center agents has done cold calling for V3biz  an IT training company for attracting USA based candidates with successful results.
  • We provide package of cold calling services, generating lead services and appointment setting for Eamida.
  • Telemarketing services for Career Pathshala.Com to help class twelfth student to select best carrier.
  • Our team is helping with telemarketing services, lead generation services and appointment setting services to help NBA building relationship with those students who are interested in media and film making.
  • We are providing telemarketing for appointment setting services for Stanzaliving.
  • We are providing Outbound Calling Services for selection of advertisements for Radio City 91.1 FMs
  • We are providing B2B Lead generation services and cold calling telemarketing services for Pan India NEO Trip.
  • We are providing appointment setting to ZOI Holidays for their sales team.
  • We are providing telemarketing, lead generation services, appointment setting services for BETA IIT-NEET ACADEMY, topmost educational institute of Gujarat that provides training to students of class eleventh and twelfth that are preparing for entrances in medical or engineering from a decade.

We are the telemarketers (VRTM) helps in improving your business by gaining deeper insight about your local customer’s unique tastes and preferences.  Contact us for call centers or telemarketing service in India 





Advantages of outsourcing call centers’ work to company who uses Cloud Call Center software for your business

Why Cloud call center is most in demand outsourcing call center?

Business owner wants to hire call center which provides simple, reliable and secure outsourcing services. A cloud call center provides transparency of work done. Cloud-based call center is managed by cloud software which provides real time experience which is a symbol of reliability of record, data and the quality of work done.

What is Cloud Call Center Software?

Modern technology of Cloud based call center is more advantageous than a simple call center as it helps call center agents access the information and ha knowledge about the customers to improve the quality of outbound call center services. It provides comprehensive tools and applications which allow communicating through multiple channels and helping in sophisticated call routing, agent management and analytics.

We are the telemarketers in India (VRTM) is a Cloud based call center which helps their client’s access easy and comfortable with the following advantages.

  • Flexibility of access from anywhere: – We provide you connection to your agents and knowledge of the work done by them anytime from any place in the globe on any platform. You can keep in touch with the ongoing project and keep the track of the project easily. We as a Cloud based call center provides you exact report of the ongoing project while simple call center can easily provide false report if they want.
  • Betterment of operations: – Cloud based system increases the efficiency of our agents as it helps in reducing calling time, making report, and managing the route. It is user friendly software and provides value for time.
  • Multichannel support: – We provide services on multiple channel including phone, fax, email, text, web chat, video, social media or any other as your requirement. Cloud system helps us in increasing cross- channel experience for our clients. It helps our clients in staying connected with their project all the time whether they are in office or not.
  • Real Time Statistics: – Our Cloud call center provides access to real time stats which is very beneficial for you as you can barge the call when the call center representative is on the call. You can yourself test the quality of the call and representative.

We are the telemarketers in India (VRTM) is a cloud call center and believe in providing transparency of work to our clients. So we record every call irrespective of nature of call with the intention to provide total transparency to our clients. We are providing outbound call center services using cloud based technology for lead generation, appointment setting, cold calling, market research, telesales, telemarketing, telefundraising and many more to our clients from different industries all over the world.

Outsource Cold Calling Telemarketing Services – VRtelemarketers

Cold calling telemarketing is a special place in marketing from many years because of its direct contact with the prospects.

Cold Calling Telemarketing

The advantage of cold calling services is it is closer to closing the sale.

B2C Cold calling telemarketing: – Most leads read your blog or article but cannot be converted into customer because their doubts are not clear instantly because they cannot communicate with you. Cold calling telemarketing is more effective because when there is two way communications the prospects can clear any doubt regarding the product or services this more likely to generate leads. Moreover the call center agents make sure that the prospects make decision right at the moment which helps prospects to convert into customers.

B2B Cold Calling Telemarketing:Telemarketing services provides the power of being ahead of your competitor. You cannot ignore telemarketing services because it can help you in B2B sales and closes the sales faster. Cold calling telemarketing is effective as businesses welcomes calls and accept contact request with new company. They keep themselves updated and want to explore the new product or a service before their competitor does.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) make sure that you get record of all the calls made. You can play back to ensure that you don’t forget any important details about the ongoing project. Our cold calling team will work with dedication and provide you better insight of leads. We have helped many national and international businesses to achieve better sales through our cold calling telemarketing services.

Growth of your business depends on Lead Generation Services

The main objective of company is growth for which company team work hard in the same direction. But company is successful in its goal only if it has enough number of leads. The companies can outsource Lead generation services to generate adequate amount of leads. Lead generation services

Lead Generation services helps in generating more sales leads, boost conversion rate and increase ROI by sending regular product information to prospects.

Lead generation services help in creating high quality leads using different techniques

  • Social Networking media: – Lead generation services helps in generating pre-qualified leads through distributing information about your company to a wide range of potential customers through posting messages in forums, blogs and social networking sites.
  • SMS: – By outsourcing lead generating service provider you can send bulk SMS’s to potential customers regarding your product or services.
  • Cold calling: – Telemarketing Company has the experience and technology of cold calling which helps in directly communicating with out reach customers to generate quality leads.
  • Newsletter: – You can take help of outsourcing Telemarketing Company to send specially designed newsletter to the right audience with right message to sign up.
  • Seminars: – You can have advantage of offline lead generation service by generating leads through seminars and surveys using geo-based or business domain.
  • E-mails:– lead generation service provider draft e-mails specially for your company and distribute to number of people to generate quality leads.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) know the advantages of leads for you so we use effective and proven methodology to generate quality leads for our clients. We have trained our staff to take feedback of each lead if leads are generated through seminars or cold calling. We use the state-to-art technology to provide you best lead generation services.  Your wish is to fulfill your dream.

How Do You Know What Types of Lead Generation Services Are Best for Your Business?

Lead generation services are a crucial part of every business as it provides constant supply of prospects. It builds network of positive relationship with customers and companies. The customers built on trust and gain competitive advantages and success rate is higher.

Lead Generation Services

Different Types of businesses require Different lead generation services

Outbound lead generation Services: – Both B2C and B2B companies use outbound lead generation services as an integral part of their sales and marketing strategies according to their requirement as outbound lead generation are fast and reaches directly to the prospects. It provides two way communication which more likely provides chance to convert prospects into customers.

Here are some of businesses that use outbound telemarketing services to expand their market and acquire new customers.

  • Travel companies
  • Tourism companies
  • Utility companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banking/finance companies
  • Online shopping companies
  • Health and beauty companies
  • Education and Coaching institutes
  • SaaS (software-as-service) companies
  • Delivery companies

Inbound telemarketing companies: – Inbound lead generation services includes SEO, social media, PPC. It is most effective way for small business owners. It helps in meeting those customers who are searching for the similar products which you are selling. It helps in bridging the gap between the prospects to searching for you and your company.

Some of the industries that really see a huge jump in their earnings when they use inbound marketing include:

  • Insurance-based businesses
  • Retail and e-Tail businesses
  • E-commerce based business
  • Professional service providers (i.e. doctors, lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.)
  • Health service providers

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) is a telemarketing company in India providing successful outbound lead generation services to their clients. Our sister concern Vintage IT India provides inbound lead generation services. You can have best guidance and know the appropriate lead generation for your business by contacting our manager.

How a Virtual Receptionist Services takes your business to next level?

Virtual receptionist services are always there when you are not available. It might be on office hours or after office hours, during weekends or public holidays. You can have the impression of bigger business through the VRtelemarketers (VRTM) virtual receptionist 24 hour services. Our virtual reception will answer all calls under your company name..

Virtual Receptionist Services

VRtelemarketers (VRTM) helps in streamlining your business process and taking it to next level.

  • Personal touch:Virtual receptionist services gives your customer personal touch which voice mail cannot. When calls go to voicemail it can give the wrong impression about your company. Most customers deny leaving message and your competitor gain profit.
  • Experienced services: – Virtual receptionist service is a step in the right direction as in the cut throat world of business these days requires handling the customers efficiently to gain the profit. Our experienced and skilled virtual receptionist will take care of your customer and maintain the record and send you text message for the same.
  • Focus on core business: – Virtual receptionist takes care of phone calls which are major distraction of employees at work. Outsourcing answering services helps you to concentrate on the core business.
  • Save on investment: – Small business owner does
  • not want full time receptionist or assistant then they can hire virtual office that can give impression of being bigger company without investing in the technology, space and other infrastructure.

We are the telemarketers in India(VRTM) Virtual Receptionist Services can accommodate both calls from Indian Businesses and International Calls. All calls will be answered by highly experienced and skilled live receptionist. We guarantee no missed calls building professional image of your company. With us you will never miss customer, at a fraction of the price of hiring a full time receptionist.